Welcome to my web page! In case you don’t know me & just stumbled upon my site, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m a sweet southern bell originally from Dallas, TX. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting & modeling. I’ve done everything from commercials, movies, TV, to hosting events. While I’m not a big name yet & you may not see my face daily you have probably seen my hands. Since 2006 I have had a very unique & blessed career as a child hand model. I shoot loads of toy & product commercials and have a blast doing it. I bring dolls to a fun field life & take action figures to the battle field! I consider myself a jack of all trades & I’m always looking to learn or try something new. My newest hobby is as a cocktail enthusiast. I’m working on producing a fun cocktail show that will educate & hopefully entertain you at the same time. Cheers!